Introduction Despite the availability of primary health care services in virtually

Introduction Despite the availability of primary health care services in virtually every community and village in Nigeria clients travel long distances to reach secondary and tertiary health care institutions. of services rendered spousal and significant other’s influences were active determinants of choice for health institutions among pregnant women in Nigeria. Conclusion This study elicited information on why some types of institutions were preferred. The study has implications for community health nurses and policy makers on what should be done to make health institutions appropriately utilized by community in Nigeria. Keywords: Choice experience child-bearing age health care Introduction Skilled antenatal care and birth attendance has been advocated globally as the most crucial intervention to reduce maternal mortality. Poor usage of skilled attendance and maternal primary health care services results in high levels of maternal mortality in the developing countries. The maternal mortality ratio in Nigeria for example is usually estimated at 560 per 100 0 women [1]. Various research have been completed all over the world to identify elements that influence the decision of child-bearing women’s healthcare. A number of the determined factors include price of solutions [2-6]; educational and socio-demographic degree of your client [7-10]; women’s degree of autonomy to make healthcare decisions [2 5 physical option of health care solutions [3 5 7 9 and the sort of health solutions rendered disease design and healthcare employees attitude [2-4 7 10 12 13 Maternal fatalities could be avoided if ladies could actually access and use good quality solutions especially when problems arise [14]. Yet in reality the majority of females encounter serious obstacles to accessing solutions or even if indeed they perform reach them the assistance themselves tend to be of inadequate quality or performance. Also lately sector-wide strategies centered on competent attendance have targeted to Mmp27 create demand aswell as augment source. Access to information regarding maternal services ought to be available in the city to help ladies make options about who to find out and where you can go aswell as decide the sort of care they might need. Information about family members planning services might help reduce undesirable pregnancies and their adverse outcomes. Access to healthcare particularly in the essential time of delivery can help make sure that childbirth can be a joyful event [15]. Angiotensin (1-7) Gain access to means that ladies can reach maternal healthcare easily rather than become deterred by price or poor treatment by personnel. Women have already been seen to visit long distances to gain access to quality healthcare despite a prepared availability of major health care services around their current address function and school. Nevertheless lack of transportation makes it challenging for women that are pregnant or ladies in labour to attain help quickly. Charges charged for healthcare Angiotensin (1-7) often put ladies off having their infants in hospitals and even looking for help when problems Angiotensin (1-7) arise. A lot of women also state they choose to depend on traditional delivery attendants because wellness employees are rude and unsympathetic. Oftentimes decisions about looking for care are created by mothers-in-law husbands or additional family members. Throughout rendering professional medical solutions at different private hospitals that represent the three tiers of healthcare organization the researcher noticed that most customers attend any wellness institution regardless of the amount of the health organization indication for treatment or their determined health requirements. The researcher wanted to discover out the elements influencing the decision of healthcare services among ladies of child-bearing age group regardless of the availability affordability availability and closeness of healthcare institutions to where they live or function. The analysis also strove Angiotensin (1-7) to check three Angiotensin (1-7) hypotheses: (i) there will be no romantic relationship between selection of health care organization and quality of wellness solutions rendered (ii) there will be no romantic relationship between selection of health care organization and affordability of solutions and (iii) there will be no romantic relationship between selection of health care organization as well as the women’s degree of education. Strategies Research style and area This research was completed in Ibadan.